21 March 2006

Spamming spies

BerlinBear avatarThis little gem was in my work email inbox when I logged on this morning. It amused me so much to be addressed as if I were the head of MI5, that I thought I'd share. Needless to say, there is not an M in my work email address, nor had I expressed any interest in anything whatsoever, least of all anything offered by Mach90 Independent Group.
Hello M ,

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M , you need to understand something. This opportunity has already spread to over 100 countries in less than two years. Thousands of people have recognized the potential.

By activating your account you will receive real-time email notifications about your new business. WARNING: Due to an overwhelming worldwide interest in Mach90, you may receive multiple daily emails as your business develops:


Best Regards,

Jerry Bataluna
Mach90 Independent Group Member

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Yati, Liloan 6002 Philippines
 Those are the contact details provided in the email. Feel free to spam them. Say hi from me.