28 February 2006

A lighter look at Bird Flu

BerlinBear avatarNow that the Olympics are over, the newspapers here in Germany are pretty much totally dominated by the steady advance of bird flu throughout Germany and across Europe, which I first posted about a couple of weeks ago. Reports today indicate that the first case has been discovered in Bavaria. Oh joy. So far in Germany, there have been no cases of humans contracting the disease from contact with birds, nor of domestic or farmed birds contracting the disease from wild birds. That has not stopped speculation about whether or not the football World Cup might need to be cancelled, though. Battles about who is responsible for the strategy to counter bird flu - whether it's the federal government or the state governments (Bundesländer) - are going on in Berlin as I type.

But it's all a bit tedious. Hence, for your amusement and courtesy of my good friend HSB, I offer a lighter take on bird flu:

Bird flu: the first case

How to prevent bird flu