20 February 2006

Dunna runna

BerlinBear avatar It's been a while since I posted one of my weird German news stories, so I thought it was time to revive that theme. Sure enough, Deutsche Welle has come to the party once more, with a little gem of a story from the delightful Ruhrgebiet city of Bochum:

Q: You're in Bochum (been there, bit of a hole actually --ed.) and you need to visit the nearby town of Herne, making several stops along the way, and then get back to Bochum. What do you do?

A: Easy. Call a cab.

Correct. You come to the end of the journey and realise you haven't got the cash to pay for it. What do you do?

A: Easy. Do a runner.

Correct. After running away from the cab and its irate driver, and having fled into the packed inner city, you need to make your getaway complete by putting a bit more ground between you and the wronged driver. What do you do?

Easy. Call a cab.

Correct. Ah, but what if, hypothetically speaking, the same cab you've just done a runner from comes to pick you up?

Well, then you're nicked, aren't you.

Correct. Muppet!

Some people are too stupid for their own good. That's Darwinism in action right there. Read the full story here.