15 March 2006

xjwfusvc - Aaaarrrggghh

BerlinBear avatarIt's always the way, isn't it? You totally neglect your blog for over a week; you don't even swing by once to see how she's getting on; then you sneak in and make a quick, surreptitious post and bang, you're right back into it and your head is filled with dozens of things you should and could have been posting about over the last 11 days of silence. I shall limit myself to one such thing, and one such post, however.

My bugbear du jour, for instance, is blogger.com's new-fangled Word verification on posts. Any of my readers who are blogger.com bloggers will know what I mean. For any who are not, blogger.com blogs now require you to type in a random sequence of letters from a so-called captchapicture before hitting "Publish post." (See image)

How annoying is that? I know why they've done it, namely because blogspot blogs are a favourite haunt for automated spam bloggers (or: sploggers), but it still annoys me to have to prove that I am human every time I want to make a post.

Besides, what is the deal with proving you are human by typing a random sequence of meaningless letters? Wouldn't it be better if it were a human word which bots can't read? Like, I don't know, spambots suck, or human, honestly or something along those lines.

And besides, blogger.com's word verification has become so long and complex and warped and hard to read that I now find that I type it wrong at least one time in four. That is truly annoying.

Not a fan of word verification. Can you tell?