12 February 2006

Football in Bearlin

BerlinBear avatarI don't normally just pinch posts from other bloggers. I might quote them, or refer to them, or link to them, but out and out pinching is not usually on the cards. I'm going to have to make an exception today though, because Paul from A Berlin Diary (formerly of The Berlin Review) has written a post that is so after my own heart that I can't help myself. (I am at least going to host the pictures myself, rather than stealing his bandwidth though!)

Here it is, as I say, word for word:
The Bears of Berlin have got themselves involved in a game of two halves at the arcade on Karl Liebknecht Strasse (by the Aquarium). The lifesize table football involving a team of German bears against a Rest of the World Select XI - which featured a toothy looking Brazilian up front - was attracting a fairly large crowd today, despite the fact that there was no ball. So the game became one of ‘who can spin the bears the fastest’, won by a father-daughter team from Spandau.

That is so cool. Thanks Paul. Note for the rest of you A Berlin Diary has now been blogrolled. It's a good blog with interesting well-written posts, just as its predecessor was. Go and check it out.