10 February 2006

Winter Olympics begin

BerlinBear avatar As I write this, the opening ceremony of the 20th Winter Olympics in Turin is taking place. From the very brief coverage I've just seen on TV, it looks like quite a show. The Winter Olympics will last until 26th February, with events from 15 different winter sports.

As in past years, German athletes are expected to bring home a substantial haul of medals, though there have been a number of injury setbacks, retirements of former German Olympic stars and one suspension based on the suspicion of blood doping. In Salt Lake City last time around, Germany won the most medals (though not the most golds). With all the injuries and difficulties the team has faced, the feeling here in Germany is that they will struggle to repeat that performance.

I guess we'll know come the end of the month. In the meantime, take a look at the official Torino 2006 website for all the information about the Winter Olympics you could possibly wish for.