11 February 2006

New pharaonic tomb found in Egypt

BerlinBear avatarThis is very cool: archaeologists from the University of Memphis have found a new pharaonic tomb in the Valley of the Kings. By accident.

It is the first find in the valley since the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb some 22 years ago. The new tomb, which contains unopened sarcophagi, five intact mummies and pots holding food (handy for the afterlife), was found under workmen's huts very close to Tutankhamun's tomb. It is thought that the mummies may have been royals or nobles and that they may have been moved to this tomb from their original resting place, to protect them from grave robbers.

Apparently, the tomb dates from the 18th dynasty (the same dynasty as Tutankhamun himself), which reigned in Egypt from the 16th century BC to the early 13th century BC.

BBC news and Reuters have all the details. Fascinating stuff.