18 December 2005

The wrong number

Why do the weird news stories from Germany almost always involve people being drunk? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Germans are ranked third in the world for beer consumption and fifth in the world for overall alcohol consumption. Whatever the reason, they certainly seem to produce their fair share of drunken capers which make the news. Here, for your Sunday reading pleasure, is yet another.

Q: You're drunk, very drunk, but you're driving home nevertheless. You then get a puncture and are too drunk to repair it yourself. What do you do?

A: You call the breakdown service and ask them to come quickly. You explain in detail that you've got a flat tire, you're very drunk and you're disqualified from driving, so it'd be bad if the police drove by in the meantime while you were waiting. Whatever you do though, check that it's actually the breakdown service you've called and not the police.