11 December 2005

New blog to read

There's been nothing from me for a few days around these parts, as I'm sure you've noticed. That's because I'm in Berlin for the weekend, for the first time in three weeks. And, of course, when precious time with Ms. Bear is in the offing, spending time in front of the computer, tends to take something of a back seat. I'm sure you'll understand.

That said, I did think I should make time this evening to knock out a couple of quick posts, of which this is the first. And the point of it is to draw your attention to the new addition to my blogroll.

Love and Other Catastrophes is a new blog by the Libran, an Australian living in Leamington Spa in the British Midlands. This particular Australian, though, happens to be a good friend of mine. He's only a few posts into his blogging career thus far, but what he's written up till now is good stuff. So take a few moments, click the link, and see what you think.

More later.