06 December 2005

Who broke blogger?

Is it just me, or did someone break blogger.com? How come all the the blogspot blogs in my blogroll, including my own, can't be accessed? And how come, if none of the blogs are accessible, I can still get into my blogger dashboard to write this post?

Is any of this related to the fact that pop server on the German Yahoo! service has been down all evening? Is the internet falling apart? When I awake in the morning, will everything be better, or will it be worse? Will all other websites gradually follow suit and break too, until there is no more internet? Will I have to access information in books and on TV again? Will I have to buy hard copies of the paper? Will I have to write letters, or, heaven forbid, look phone numbers up in the phone book? How will I know what is on at the cinema? Where will I get recipes from? Will I have to buy a special magazine just to find out what's on the telly? And where will I buy my books, or, for that matter, pretty much everything else bar groceries? Will I have to interact with real people, you know, face-to-face to pass the time? Yikes, it doesn't even bear thinking about; I'm going to bed.

Fingers crossed, eh?