31 December 2005

Final snow photos

BerlinBear avatarWell, I said I wasn't going to post any more photos of the snow unless something amazing happened. I lied. Nothing amazing has happened, snow-wise, but I'm posting more nonetheless. If you object, take your complaints to BadAunt, who specifically requested more. Since I don't get many explicit requests around these parts, I thought I'd indulge her and post more photos of the snow around Berlin Wannsee and here they are.

Since I last posted snow photos, it hasn't snowed much more. There have been a few brief flurries, but mostly the weather's been clear and bright and cold. Not much of a thaw, then, if any, but very nice weather for walks. The photos below were taken yesterday on one of my walks in the woods near our place. If you compare them with the previous group of snow photos I posted, you'll see the sun makes quite a difference. (Click on the images for larger versions).

Snow in the woods 1

Snow in the woods 2

The path I was walking along when these photos were taken was, as you can see, well trodden. Not just walkers like myself, but plenty of dogs too, not to mention parents dragging their kids along on sleds and toboggans, on their way to steeper paths for a spot of Schlittenfahren

Shadows in the snow

My own shadow in the snow

The afternoon sun cast long shadows in the woods. Including my own.

Footprints and shadows in the snow

Even off the beaten track and between the trees, the snow told tales of who had been where.

Snow-covered milestone

This milestone not far from where we live bears the inscription "III Meilen von Berlin." It is based, evidently, on an old and very different interpretation of miles, because Wannsee is considerably further from the centre of Berlin than a mere three miles.

And there you have it. I hope you liked those, BadAunt. Once I'm back in Trier in the New Year, I might crack out some photo posts of some of Trier's more impressive sights. There will be plenty to choose from.