27 December 2005

My year in bullet points

New Zealand blogger David Slack has put together a nifty little online generator, which will sum up your year for you in ten bullet points. It's simple, it's quick, it's trivial, it's much easier than writing a wordy and detailed review of your year, and it's kinda cool.

Here, for what it's worth, is my year in bullet points.

My year in bullet points: 2005

  • Wasted money on the special German tax for people who are fool enough not have had children yet.

  • Went nowhere.

  • National debt exploded. Not responsible.

  • Stayed out of family feuds.

  • Memory of outstanding meal at Klein Florenz in Trier all but eclipsed by appalling swill at the (now defunct) Mexican restaurant in Wannsee.

  • Lusted after Angelina Jolie. No result.

  • Anger management issues severely tested by Winston Peters.

  • Voted for Greens. Better luck next time.

  • Gained weight.

  • This year's resolution: finish my PhD.

  • Next year's resolution: try again.
Generate your own Year in Bullet Points review here.

[Hat-tip to Charlie Tan]