13 November 2005

British man recovers from HIV

Here's an amazing story from the BBC website: apparently a British man who tested positive for HIV subsequently tested negative some 14 months later, and there was not an error in his first test result. In other words, for reasons unknown, this guy has recovered from HIV with no treatment or medication. What are the chances?

Doctors say they want to investigate the case of a British man with HIV who apparently became clear of the virus.

Scotsman Andrew Stimpson, 25 was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2002 but was found to be negative in October 2003. Mr Stimpson, from London, said he was "one of the luckiest people alive".

Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust confirmed the tests were accurate but were unable to confirm Mr Stimpson's cure because he had declined to undergo further tests.

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There's one thing I don't get. In the article, Mr. Stimpson is quoted as saying that he would do anything he could to help find a cure. And yet he is refusing to undergo any further testing so that doctors can find out how his recovery came about. Surely, if he were going to do anything at all to help find a cure, submitting to further testing would be the thing, no? It all seems a bit odd to me. I shall be watching further developments with interest.