06 November 2005

Blogflux Scramble

A handy new tool for bloggers has just come to my attention, and it seems pretty good, so I thought I'd publicise it. It's called Blogflux Scramble, and it makes it extra simple to scramble your email address on your blog or website, so that it can't be harvested by those dastardly spambots.

It's dead simple. Just click on this link, enter your email address and push the "Scramble email link button". In no time at all, it will have generated code for you to insert into your template, and hey presto, you have a bot-proof email link.

I've tried it out on the email link at the bottom of the page, and it certainly works in terms of generating an accurate email address. Since I've only just installed it, I can't yet vouch for its spamproofiness, of course.

Blogflux has a whole bunch of other cool functions too, including a blog directory, button generator, pagerank checker etc., all of which you can access from the page I've linked to above. (I also have links in the sidebar on the right). If you're a blogger, it's certainly worth a look.