30 October 2005

Quizzing the Blogosphäre

Here's a post for any readers who live in Germany and/or speak German. (Actually, are there any, apart from Ms. Bear?). I'm afraid you need to be able to speak German for this one.

Dr. Jan Schmidt from the University of Bamberg is carrying out research into the German Blogosphäre. As part of an ongoing research project about blogging, he's created an online questionnaire called Wie ich blogge. It's directed not only at current bloggers, but also at readers of blogs and former bloggers. For current bloggers, the survey takes about 15 minutes, for readers and former bloggers considerably less. The questions are interesting, and you can sign up to receive details of the results of the research project. Seems like a worthwhile project to me, so if you're a blogger or a blog reader and can speak German, click the link above and go for it. I've also put a link in the right hand sidebar.