25 September 2005

New Zealand Green MP goes au naturel

Well, it had to happen. Keith Locke, the New Zealand MP who made a rather rash promise during the election campaign has kept his word and strolled (nearly) naked through the main street of a central Auckland suburb. For those not in the know, here's the background.

During the recent election campaign in New Zealand Keith Locke, a Green MP, said that if Rodney Hide (another MP, the leader of the ACT Party) won the seat for the Epsom electorate, he would run naked through Epsom. At the time he made this promise, Rodney Hide looked for all money like he was well and truly out of the race. Locke clearly thought he was safe. But Hide pulled off a remarkable come back and in the end won the Epsom seat easily. That left Locke with no choice but to follow through on his by now very widely publicised promise. And now he has.

BBC News covers the story.

Presumably to everyone's relief, Keith Locke went for a creative interpretation of 'naked'. He took his stroll wearing a Calvin Klein thong and a full suit of body paint. Clever, creative, and a good way to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure.

I've pinched the above photo from PC at NotPC, who was there. There are more photos too, for example this gem. Hats off to PC for sacrificing himself in the name of blogging the news!