24 September 2005

The Capital Letter relocated

Welcome to The Capital Letter's new home. This blog is simply a continuation my previous blog, with the same title, which was hosted at tBlog. Though I liked the sense of community over at tBlog, I simply grew fed up with the tremendous amout of server down time, the constant loss of blog posts and comments into the ether when the server was playing up, and the complete and utter lack of support. So I've given up on tBlog, and here I am at Blogspot. It had to happen sometime.

The original
Capital Letter will be left up, but I'll no longer be updating it. I posted links to the archives of that blog in the links section in the sidebar. It just seems like more trouble than it's worth to try to import six months worth of posts into this new blog, so I'll leave them where they are for now.

Over the next few weeks, as I get to grips with this new platform, you'll notice gradual updates, as I get this new blog listed with blog search engines and the like. I've already done enough set-up that things are fully functional, including HaloScan comments with trackback enabled, my blogroll and my useful links. More content will be added to the sidebar and my template and presentation will be tweaked as and when appropriate.

I'll also be getting in contact with other bloggers who I know were linking to my old blog to let them know about the change. However, I'm bound to miss some, so if you are a blogger who was linking to the original
Capital Letter and you spot this new blog, please go ahead and update your blogroll or links.

You can expect a first real content post tomorrow. For now though, I'm off out to the new Kiwi Pub that has just opened here in Berlin, to hear New Zealand singer Hattie St. John perform. Should be a ripper. And boy am I looking forward to having a few Kiwi beers, even if only to remind myself how inferior New Zealand beer really is when compared with the real thing.